The uniform management system that makes managing staff's orders easy.

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Why wait? Join 100's of other businesses who benefit from our uniform management system. Frustrated with the lack of control your business has over their uniform and PPE Spend?

Workpack Express™ saves on average 10 minutes per staff member, per order when ordering. This can be achieved immediately once setup on the system. Designed to save you time and money, and the proven top performer amongst apparel and PPE management systems.

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Core Advantages

Save Time

A customer with 200 staff has calculated that the Workpack systems save them 40 hours a month over their old system.

H & S

A great tool for H&S as they can confirm that each staff member has been allocated the right gear for the job at hand.

Never Go Over Budget

Easy renewal. Easy budgeting. As all staff are pre-set, budgets can’t be exceeded. We have implemented a budget override function so administrators can extend the budget limit, if required.

Never Forget A Size

All staff sizes, usage, and company requirements are kept on file and stored for easy reference.

Workpack Express Gives You Complete Control

With your input, we set up the system, customised to your company. You can set and control every aspect of your ordering system, including allocation per person, site, or department. Ordering can be delegated but the option of an authorisation tool puts you in control of your spend. Access at the click of a button gives you a complete view of all that is happening. Your savings are our priority.

Manual Entering Gone

No more manual entering of staff clothing orders, sizes, and allocations. Workpack provides up-to-date access to staff ordering history, and automatically tracks budget allocations per staff member. Workpacks are pre-set to ensure staff members get the right uniform and specifications. 

Approvals and Access

Access multiple branches/locations from one system with approval processes and management permissions. Workpack Express helps you set and control your budget, and allocations can be set to reflect the needs of each employee.

Reporting System

Simple and easy to use reporting system - per staff memberm per area, per product, or whatever your company's needs are - all done online. Even your H&S managers can check that everyone has drawn the appropriate PPE.

At Your Fingertips

The only place you need to look to get a complete overview of your procurement logistics, history and finances. Whether you're tracking incoming shipments, replenishing supplies, or preparing resource budgets, our software makes it a breeze!

Want your orders packed per staff member?

Easy as 1, 2, 3 - Workpack Express makes it easy for you to place your orders per person! 

Our system ensures the right logos go on your uniforms including individual names if requested.

We personally pack and can customise each order to your staff making sure they arrive to you for easy and fast distribution.

1. Once we receive the order we pick and send your items to our in-house branding department for embroidery or printing. The Workpacks are then packed per person and then dispatched direct to any location you require.

2. Once you receive the order it is ready to distribute to your staff members all individually packed with their company name, logo etc.

3. Using our Workpack Express System and receiving your order Workpacked will save you a massive amount of admin and distributing time. In some cases it has saved a team member in a company up to 1 day a month. By receiving orders Workpack ready to go rather than having to rummage through multiple orders and sizes sorting out who gets what.

Give us a call, email us or request a meeting  for a quick 15min demo on how this can save your business hours of admin time. Let's work together to give you your valuable time back!

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