Why Layering Is the Most Effective Way To Stay Warm During Winter

Posted on 12/04/2021
By Admin

With the colder months fast approaching it’s important to keep your body temperature regulated and comfortable as you work in the cooler conditions. Layering is the most effective way to stay warm to prevent you from getting sick and even more serious conditions such as hypothermia. This can occur when your body loses heat faster than it creates heat, causing your body temperature to drop dangerously low. The benefit of layering your clothes is that when your temperature begins to warm up, you can remove layers to cool and regulate your body temperature.

At Westland Workgear we offer more than just PPE supplies. In this article, we will discuss the key layering pieces we provide to get you through the cooler months.

1. The Base Layer

The thermal base layer is designed to draw moisture away from the surface of your skin. When you start to sweat in cold conditions you can become extremely cold and risk getting hypothermia. Having a base layer will ensure your skin can remain dry and keep you warm. Your base layers should be lightweight and thin. If your base layer is too thick it won’t work as effectively as part of a layering system

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At Westland Workgear, we offer a range of thermal layers including long-sleeve thermal tops. The Equinox Long Sleeve Thermal Top is made from 50% Polyester, 50% Viscose. The 240gm fabric is lightweight and quick drying. Moisture and perspiration are drawn away from the skin and transferred to the outer layers, leaving a warm layer of air next to your skin.

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2. The Middle Layer

The middle layer is designed to trap your body heat. This garment can be a jumper, or a polar fleece made from either synthetic or natural materials. Westland Workgear offers the best polar fleeces as they allow you to stay warm even when it is damp and can dry quickly. We also offer a range of Hi-Vis Polar fleeces that are developed with the wearer’s safety in mind to increase their visibility during difficult weather conditions and at night-time.

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3. The Outer Layer

The outer layer is designed to protect you from the elements. When choosing your outer layer, take into consideration what is going to best protect you from the harsh weather conditions. Rain jackets or parkas are ideal as they can protect you from wet weather conditions without adding bulk.

At Westland Workgear we offer a range of lined weatherproof jackets, including the Stormforce Blue Winter Jacket. This jacket is fleece lined for warmth and comfort with a high collar for improved comfort and protection.

4. Don’t Forget Your Head and Feet!

Our feet are a crucial part of the body to keep warm as they have a large surface area and lots of blood vessels. These can open up to let more blood flow, which allows heat to flow out of them. We offer a range of thermal and merino socks to keep your feet warm in even the coldest conditions. We also offer a wide range of beanies, balaclavas and gloves.

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